Humble Beginnings

We started this concept in November 2015 with a simple BBQ drum under a gazebo. Inspired by Moroccan street BBQ’s; everything was cooked fresh on the charcoal, no gas or electric griddle. Come rain or shine we have always been eager to serve our customers and our marinades and smoky charcoal taste soon became a hit! The original ‘BBQ HUT’ is a converted shed, on the same side street, still serving our loyal customers who have watched our business grow.

Next Great Step

Due to the overwhelming amount of demand for our burgers, we started to outgrow our converted shed. In 2021 we took the next step on our exciting journey which was to open a dine in restaurant with a large seating capacity. This meant that our loyal customers can dine in with family and friends, enjoying the full BBQ HUT charcoal experience!

Same Quality Since 2015

Our concept has remained the same since we first started in 2015. Not willing to sacrifice our distinctive concept we kept serving our burgers live on charcoal flames at our new hut. We soon became infamous for long queues and numerous cars pulled up on the sidewalk all eager to get their daily dose of fresh food and friendly service!

Made to Perfection...

Here at THE BBQ HUT we strive to bring the best food to our customers without compromising our unique concept. We are proud of our humble beginnings; and our fundamental principle of fresh charcoal flame foods which became the launch pad for where we are today.



All our meats are cooked exclusively on charcoal. This is what creates our signature smoky taste that customers enjoy with every bite in our shawarmas.


Here at THE BBQ HUT each burger is prepared at the time of order, we don’t pre-cook any of our meats, or prepare our burgers ahead of time and use a warmer.


It is our customer guarantee that every item ordered has been freshly, individually and lovingly prepared by our staff for each and every customer.


All of our staff receive training in the art of charcoaled foods. They take their time to cook and then build each burger individually on the smoking charcoal embers.